Searching your WordPress site
just got a whole quicker.

  • The instant results-as-you-type search bar for Wordpress.

    Search results.


    Superfast Search loads your search results when the page loads, and displays them on request.

    It uses a single lightweight query - so it won’t slow your site down - and connects up to the built-in search system for advanced queries.

    The fastest, easiest Wordpress search there is: make your site Superfast now.

    Search what you want.

    how you want.

    Superfast Search allows you to embed your search as a widget or through the [superfastsearch] shortcode for your page content or themes.

    You can customise your search to search posts or pages out of the box. The Pro version can search any post type and return any number of results too - for $75.

    Install and set-up in.

    under a minute.

    Want to try it on your site? No problemo!

    1. Download Superfast Search from the link below (or from Wordpress, or your sites plugin library - in which case, skip step 2 below.)

    2. Upload the zip file to your Plugins library and hit ‘Activate’.

    3. Use the widget or shortcode, customising to your requirements.

    Download Superfast Search Basic
    Take it further with the Pro for $75
    Pro screenshot

    Upgrade to the Superfast Search Pro, and you’ll be able to access the following functions:

    Search any post type. Use Superfast Search to search your products, your projects,
    your portfolio, or your poodles…the possibilities are endless.
    Unlimited results. Superfast Search by default returns five results –
    override this with the Pro version.
    The same easy setup and installation. Just upload, activate and go.